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School. We’ve all been there and done that. Whether you were the top of the class or the naughty little scamp at the back, the most exciting moment of the year was starting back in September with a shiny new set of pens and stationery (okay, so that probably wasn’t the most exciting moment of the year, but we’re doing a blog about back to school products, so bear with).

That first day back was your chance to show off the shiniest of pens, the most pristine of rulers and the most erasery of erasers. How long they stayed like that before Jimmy Hopkins shattered both your ruler and your dreams, is another matter.

Whether you’re a company wanting to furnish school kids with branded stationery as part of a marketing campaign (there are over 8.5 million school children in the UK, so that’s one hell of a market), or whether you’re a school looking for school-branded products for events or open days, here are our top 10 back to school stationery picks.


This one’s a no-brainer. Pens are pretty much essential. Unless you want your kids to be called “Percy No Pens” and be shunned for their entire school days. Not that anything like that ever happened to us [sobs].


These colourful tools are the perfect way to highlight content in a text book, giving the impression you’ve actually read the 400-page monstrosity on The Role of Chickens in British Medieval History.


We would always have ruler sword fights at school until inevitable injury ended the fun. Would we have thought twice if they had been high-quality rulers with a full colour design printed with the latest digital technology to produce stunning, photographic-quality branding? Probably not.


If only we could erase the mistakes of our past as easily as school kids can erase their innocent scribblings. We would be on a luxury yacht sipping a cocktail right now, not writing this blog in a dingy office with a million shattered dreams weighing heavily upon us.

Erm, anyway. Printed erasers. They’re great.


Another school stationery staple. offers full colour wrap printing around wooden pencils for a fantastic look. Did you know that the “lead” is actually graphite? If you didn’t then you were probably the aforementioned naughty little scamp at the back of the class.

Pencil Sharpeners

Just as you can’t have Ant without Dec, night without day, or wear just your pants to work without being called in to see HR, you can’t have a pencil without a pencil sharpener.


Our experience tells us that paper is the most common surface to write stuff on, after the back of your hand and the wall in the school bogs. A personalised notebook looks great with a full colour digital print and will be a welcome addition to any school bag.


We used to add up using our fingers. Poor Jamie Evans slammed his finger in a fire door and could only count up to nine-and-a-half. Long division was especially tricky. We really should’ve had calculators.

Sports Bottles

A printed sports bottle with a full colour design looks fantastic. Fill it with water for PE or sports days, or fill it with Irn-Bru if the cheeky little blighters are into that filth. (This blog is not sponsored by Irn-Bru and we should point out that there are other teeth-rotting brands available).


Did you know that bags aren’t just used as goal posts on the school field? Apparently they can also be used to hold stuff. Who knew?! Many of our bags are dye sublimation printed so the design doesn’t fade, not matter what the little cherubs get up to.


All of these stationery products are available from They can be personalised with digital print or laser engraving from just a single piece with no setup fees.

Number of stationery products available from Over 200

Number of times “shattered dreams” mentioned in this blog: 2